Fans keep their cool before Cardinals' game

GLENDALE, AZ - You know you're dealing with die-hard football fans when they're willing to sweat it out in 100-degree temperatures for their team.

The Cowboys and the Cardinals both brought the heat, but Mother Nature decided to play hard too.

The water fountains were a hot spot -- just looking at water makes you feel better.

Footbal fans were doing anything to stay cool on Saturday afternoon.

"It's pretty hot, humid, beads of sweat coming down your head," Frank Flores said, describing the heat outside University of Phoenix Stadium.

It was hard to find anyone walking around Westgate Center in Glendale without a water bottle in hand.

Or in Frank Flores' case a cooler that he refilled with ice, maybe six or seven times.

No one's cooler than a sports fan, with a fan in an air conditioned store.

"Feels good, especially in a place like this," one shopper told ABC15.

And if you're going sweat, might as well do it in style.

"We have all the dry fit, hyper cool stuff," said Mark Rolandson, General Manager of Just Sports

Or you could follow the smallest kids' lead and shed a few layers as they romp in the fountain.

For the adults, it's a cold drink under the outdoor restaurant misters.

You know the bars have done good business -- everyone wants a cold drink.

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