Deer Valley High School decision to play ineligible players costs student athletes

GLENDALE, AZ - Students leaving Deer Valley Tuesday afternoon were stunned.

There will be no playoffs or championships for Deer Valley High sports this year, since the school decided to play two ineligible transfer players in the football season opener.

"We can't go have fun at the championships which are always super fun. Usually the football players are really happy in the hallway and really fun, but a lot of them are really mad today," said Deer Valley student Haley Thompson.

"It should just affect the football players and the coaches involved in the illegal activity," said Jonathan Jones, an athlete at the school.

Student athletes are now left with a tough decision. 

"There's a couple that are saying they might just want to go to a different school if they can't go to State here," said student Nick McGranahan.

But some will stick it out. 

"Just because the season might not go as far or anything like that, the experience will help out and that's what's most important," said Jones.

On Tuesday, Deer Valley principal Barbara Dobbs sent a letter to parents saying "The focus remains on our students to ensure they do not suffer and are provided with full opportunities in athletics."

The school will get a chance to appeal the decision with the Arizona Interscholastic Association in October.

The AIA is also investigating the school for potential recruiting violations involving players at Centennial High School.



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