Behind the scenes of fireworks shows

GLENDALE, AZ - They could be seen lighting up the sky all over the Valley this Fourth of July.

Fireworks technicians were working around the clock to make sure every mortar and fuse was set to perfection.

Kerry Welty with Fireworks Productions of Arizona has been doing it for the past 30 years and loves every minute.

"We do it for the kids. We are kids at heart and it's fun to blow stuff up," Welty said.

The onsite preparation for Westgate's show in Glendale took Welty and his team six hours; all the planning prior took months.

"Going back and forth with the city and planning these trucks to transport all these fireworks, it's a lot of work. More than people would think," Welty said.

Welty and his team brought 1,200 mortars and 3,000 cakes to Westgate's parking lot for the big display that lasted 25 minutes.

"Its pretty cool. There's about 100 shots in here, it'll last about 30 seconds. Back and forth 10 shots at a time, basically every three seconds. It's short but worth it," Welty said.

The 3rd through the 6th of July is the equivalent to Christmas for Welty. The team puts on countless firework shows to help celebrate Independence Day.

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