Henry Sims Clay Jr. accused of child abuse after hitting 2 of girlfriend's children

EL MIRAGE, AZ - A worker for the Dysart School District is facing two count s of child abuse after he allegedly struck two of his girlfriend's children.

Henry Sims Clay Legg Jr., 38, was arrested at a home in El Mirage on Wednesday.

According to court documents, Legg's girlfriend has four children.

In the documents, police said that last Friday Legg struck a 9-year-old on the buttocks and upper thighs with a leather belt leaving red marks, welts and bruising.

Legg is also accused of calling a 7-year-old by an obscene name and throwing a spoon at the child, causing a cut and swelling to the brow.

Both incidents were witnessed by the mother of the victims and Legg admitted to spanking the 9-year-old and to causing an injury to the younger child, police said. In the second case he claimed the injury occurred while he and the child were "rough housing."

The court documents show there were also two incidents last year in which Legg physically assaulted the mother of the victims when she confronted him about being too forceful while spanking the children.

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Legg has been released from jail.

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