El Mirage Police: 7 arrested in drug bust in El Mirage

EL MIRAGE, AZ - Authorities raided a home in El Mirage Wednesday morning and arrested seven suspects believed to be connected to selling drugs.

A State task Force comprised of officers with the Department of Public Safety and the El Mirage Police Department spent nearly two years investigating this home for drug operations. This home is located within a neighborhood where children are actively running around.

Officials said prior investigations led detectives to start focusing on the home located near Thunderbird and El Mirage Roads and its occupants.

Detectives made several undercover drug buys from this home during the year-and-a-half investigation, said officials.

Evidence found during those prior investigations allowed authorities to conduct a search of the home.

"I just can't believe it, it puts my heart in my throat," said Angela Franco, a neighbor.

Police allege that Eusebio Mendoza was the head of the drug operation that sold heroin, meth, cocaine and marijuana.

Mendoza was released from prison in 2012 after serving a prior drug conviction. Just a few months after his release, investigators say Mendoza was back on their radar, distributing heroin and other drugs to smaller dealers.

During the raid, police found confiscated drugs, four guns, a cross-bow and a surveillance system.

Those arrested will face multiple drug charges, officials said. And more arrests are expected.

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