Vote to change Buckeye from a town to a city

BUCKEYE, AZ - Buckeye voters will decide whether to change the name of their town from "Town of Buckeye," to "City of Buckeye."
Some city leaders believe it would help the town be more competitive in attracting jobs and economic stability.
"We need to find a way to attract jobs and when everyone else is "City of" and we are "Town of" we are at a disadvantage," said Vice Mayor Brian McAchran.
Census numbers show Buckeye is the ninth fastest growing cities in the nation and McAchran thinks the name should reflect that.
McAchran's family has run a business in town since 1962. His mother Barbara Amabisca runs "La Placita." 
"It is all word of mouth," she said. "Some people even down off of Watson don't realize we're  here."
Amabisca hopes the name change would bring new customers to town.  She says her customer base has been strong over the years and feels once new customers sample the restaurant they will come back.
"We open no cans," she said. "Everything is made by scratch.
Some critics feel the name change won't make much difference and could eventually raise taxes.
The vote is for the name change solely at this point but could pave the way for the town to get its city charter.

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