Tonopah residents upset over egg farm, company says it will bring community new jobs

TONOPAH, AZ - Some Tonopah residents are calling foul over a company's plans to build a brand new egg production facility just west of the town's center.

"It's a royal swindle that's already coming down and not to mention the destruction of this community after this depression we have been in. It will eradicate any hopes for the future," said resident David Durch.

Durch runs a motel near the proposed facility. He's worried the farm will smell, contaminate the water, lower property values, and flood town streets with semi traffic.

"Those people that are driving trucks and come in from other parts of town and California will contribute absolutely nothing to this town. Rip our roads up, pollute our air, and endanger our citizens. What's the benefit for this community, you tell me," said Durch.

Officials with Hickman Farms see the new farm much differently.

"I think it will be good for Tonopah," said Hickman Family Farms Vice-President Billy Hickman.

Between construction and operation, Hickman said his new facility could create as many as 250 jobs.

"We want to be good neighbors we want to be welcome in the community. With any kind of progress there are going to be changes and there's people concerned about the changes. We understand that, but overall it will be good because we are going to bring jobs," said Hickman.

Hickman said they are hosting a special informational meeting Thursday night.

That meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. at Saddle Mountain RV Park.

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