Election 2013: Buckeye man reusing campaign signs

BUCKEYE, AZ - One election is behind and that means it is time to take down campaign signs.  
One Buckeye man though has found a new purpose for those signs making them part of a holiday tradition.
David Calvert, owner of Calvert Shell in Buckeye, has been using the old signs to create floats for the Parade of Lights.
"It molds better and cuts better," he said. The signs are often a thick plastic that bends well and holds up to weathering.
Over the past nine years, he has used the signs to create a Santa's sleigh and a holiday train. This year, he is modifying the design to make a shoe to duplicate the "Old woman who lived in a shoe" nursery rhyme.
The float is under constant construction in his garage. He says some campaigns donate the signs or he'll take signs that have been left on the streets past the deadline for removal.
The signs are painted over and no one would know the political messages under.
He does take the floats out prior at times for test runs and admits he gets some looks.

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