DPS: 24 injured after Greyhound bus crash near Tonopah

TONOPAH, AZ - A 25-year-old man has been arrested after he allegedly attacked a Greyhound bus driver causing it to crash 50 miles west of Phoenix.

According to DPS, the bus was traveling eastbound on Interstate 10 near Tonopah at 1:45 a.m. when the crash happened.

Authorities said they believe the suspect Maquel Donyel Morris, of Los Angeles, yelled, "I'm gonna flip this bus," while punching the bus driver.

"The driver and other passengers were able to gain control of Morris and stop the bus just six feet from oncoming vehicles that were traveling in the westbound lanes of Interstate 10," DPS said.

The bus crossed into the median where it eventually stopped.

DPS said Morris and his girlfriend fled into the desert after the bus came to a stop. They returned to the scene 30 minutes later and were arrested by DPS.

An official from Greyhound said 41 passengers were on board. Twenty-four people were transported to area hospitals due to injuries. 

Two passengers were taken to West Valley Hospital in Buckeye, 13 were taken to West Valley Hospital in Goodyear and six were taken to Estrella Banner Hospital.

It's unclear where the others were transported.

Angelique Urritia's father was on the bus. She called him right after the crash.

"He said people were thrown around," she said. "He is 63 and disabled so I worry about him." Shortly after speaking with him she lost contact and it took several hours before she was able to get word on his condition.

"He was taken to the hospital but now I just don't know which one," she said.

Late in the morning some passengers who were taken to the hospital were released and were brought to the Phoenix bus station where they continued their travel.

Bus #86538 (schedule 1454) left Los Angeles at 6:15 p.m. It was scheduled to stop in Phoenix at 2:30 a.m. before arriving at its final destination in Dallas.

Greyhound said two buses will pick up the passengers who were not injured in the crash and help them get to their destination.

Morris is facing the following charges: 48 counts of felony endangerment, 24 counts of assault and 3 counts of aggravated assault.

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