Valley woman tries to find the rightful owner of a gold band wedding ring

A Valley woman is doing whatever she can to help find the bride or groom who may be missing a wedding ring.
Earlier this week, Dianna Mendoza's dad went to donate some clothes at a Safeway in Avondale, when he noticed a box on the ground. He went to pick it up to put it in the donation bin when out fell the ring.
"I would hate if somebody took my ring," says Mendoza, "or, God forbid I lost it and I don't know where it went."
She knows the meaning behind marriage because she's currently in the process of planning her own wedding.
"This (engagement ring) has sentimental value and I couldn't imagine not having this ring," Mendoza said.
Dianna and her fiancé David tie the knot in April. She says her engagement ring is a reminder of the night he proposed.  
As she flips through magazines planning that perfect day, her mind may wander.
"Going throughout my day, and seeing that twinkle and feeling the difference between that and my promise ring, it was a huge difference to me so I know if I ever lost it, it would just feel like a void," Mendoza said.
Someone may be feeling that same void because their wedding band may not be on their finger.  
"I just asked my friends to share it and posted it online and I even asked the pizza place we go to a lot, 'hey will you just post it,'" Mendoza said.
Mendoza doesn't know if they lost the ring or misplaced it, but says the meaning behind it is sacred and it hits home, because it fits her perfectly.  
"I could imagine somebody like me actually losing the ring, like really me losing the ring," she said.
Whoever owns it is about to have their sixth anniversary in January.  
The band is gold so we didn't want to show the names that are engraved on it, or full date.  

Mendoza reached out to ABC15 on Facebook to help her find the owner. If anyone out there recognizes it, she's set up an email account at

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