Valley family builds custom air-conditioned dog houses

AVONDALE, AZ - With temperatures well over 100-degrees, walking into an air-conditioned room can be the highlight of anyone's day and a Valley family is making sure dogs aren't left out. 

Fallon Lawson and her husband own Ricky Lee's Doghouses a business built off an idea her dad had 20-years ago to create air-conditioned dog houses.

It's a standard room A/C unit that plugs right in the wall. You can even purchase the version that includes a remote control. They've included user friendly features for the pet owner like sliding doors so you can easily change the air filter. Inside there are tiled floors and a drain for easy clean up. There's even a nightlight. 

Lawson says they design it just like a real house; you pick a roof and wall color, trim color, even add a front porch for your pooch to lounge.

Lawson says people come to her with all kinds of stories, but what they have in common is they want man's best friend to be comfortable.

"Their dog's outside all the time, they have no shade, they're worried, it just came home from the vet."

The doghouses cost between $300-$600 depending on the model. Lawson estimates it'll add an extra $40 a year to your utility bill to run.

You can find more information on their website, or on Facebook.

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