NASCAR fans flock to Phoenix International Raceway

AVONDALE - Twice a year, tens of thousands of people flood Phoenix International Raceway, set up shop, and cheer on their favorite drive.

Mike Deans is one of them.

And, what better place than a Port-a-Potty to put a cardboard cut-out of your favorite driver.

"Over here, we've got John Wayne, and he's saying, 'stay away from my port-o-let!'" Deans jokes.

Because at PIR, having a private potty, is a luxury, that requires protection.

Deans is a PIR pro, "probably 20 plus years, we're going to have some burgers tonight."

Burgers, beer and booze, what more could you need?

But, step inside the Dion family's RV and you'll get the answer. A full-size kitchen, leather sofas, not one, but two flat screen TVs and a closet worshiping Dale Earnhardt, Junior.

"He's cute. I'm an old lady, but I'm not blind," jokes Leona Dion.

But, it's not the only reason Leona and her husband Ted root for number 88.

"I was at Dayton when Dale Senior got killed," Ted Dion says.

He gets emotional because Ted is more than just a fan.

"I was an official. I inspected racecars. I've seen a couple of drivers get killed. It's hard because they become a part of the family, to me."

It's a tight-knit family, made up of your closest neighbors you've never met, on a dirt lot, outside a racetrack. 

"It's our home away from home," says Mike.





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