Valley Salt River Project workers head to Navajo Nation to help repair broken water pipes

TEMPE, AZ - Remember those record cold temperatures back in December and January?

That cold snap brought a host of pipe problems to northern counties in Arizona and folks are still dealing with them two months later.

Right now there are more than 10,000 folks living without running water and the Navajo Nation is asking for help.

Valley Salt River Project workers are on their way there now.

They'll begin work bright and early Friday to build and fix broken pipes.

They're expected to be there for two to three weeks.

They sent two crews of four, along with large excavating and trenching equipment.

The Navajo Nation's President, Ben Shelly, signed an emergency declaration two weeks ago.

Shelly estimates the project, called Operation Winter Freeze, will cost around $2.8 million.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer also declared a state of emergency for those counties, freeing up about $200,000.


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