Valley man uses minivan to help stranded bus riders during strike

TEMPE, AZ - Thousands of people are stranded at bus stops for the second day of a strike by transit bus drivers, and one Valley man has been trying to help.

As soon as Timothy McKinstry heard about the strike, he started driving around in his minivan, stopping at bus stops asking people if they need a ride.

"I just try to be as easy going as possible by telling them I'm just trying to help out," McKinstry said.

Many riders have taken him up on his offer. Over the past two days, McKinstry has spent seven hours giving rides to 30 stranded bus riders. Many of them work overnight shifts and have no other mode of transportation besides the bus.

"They are so thankful. Some even offer to pay me a couple bucks here and there but I always say no," McKinstry said.

McKinstry thinks nothing of his good deed. He wanted to use his days off work to help strangers in need of a ride because of how much he relied on the bus as a child.

"I remember growing up not always having the most reliable transportation. So getting rides sometimes with my mom and my sister meant a lot," McKinstry said.

McKinstry says he will try and give rides to those who need it, and hopes the bus strike will soon come to an end.

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