Valley couple divided on State of the Union address

TEMPE, AZ - Millions of Americans watched the State of the Union Address Tuesday night including the Carrera's in Tempe.

But here is where it gets tricky. One of them is a Republican, the other is a Democrat. But it's hard to tell which is which by listening to them talk. 

"This President did not accomplish as much as I had hoped," said Republican Lucy Carrera. "He hasn't done anything about the deficit.

"He has to raise taxes to pay for it," said Democrat Jose Luis Carrera.

Like many Americans, the Carrera's are interested in topics from guns, wars and jobs. And both hope America's recovery improves faster than the first four years of Obama's administration. 

"I have hope for him," said Jose Luis. "We are going up, but we are not there yet," said Lucy.

The Carrera's have seen their fair share of Presidential speeches. They were married before President Obama was born. And they are proof that people from different political parties can come together. 

Their 53-year marriage proves it.

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