Valley conference deals with Arizona border security

TEMPE, AZ - Today law enforcement from both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border kicked off a three-day conference in Tempe.

The annual conference helps law enforcement from Mexico and Arizona understand the issues that are facing border security. 

Currently Mexican officials are working two different kidnapping cases. The first case involves a U.S. Marine who was kidnapped while visiting family in Mexico.

Mexican police are also trying to find 12 people who were forced into an SUV at gunpoint. The kidnapping happened in broad daylight in front of a bar in Mexico City. 

Despite the unrest, the Attorney General of Sonora, Carlos Navarro, says the  kidnappings are happening in the southern parts of the country and Sonora is safe. Arizonans shouldn't be scared to travel. 

"I'm absolutely 100 percent sure that Sonora, Mexico is safe. I travel to the beaches with my kids and my family.  Arizonans shouldn't be scared to come to Sonora, Navarro said. 

According to the U.S. Department of State, 113 American citizens were killed in Mexico in 2011. 

The department has also issued a travel warning for most of the country of Mexico.

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