Tempe residents still dealing with lttle to no airconditioning problems after 8 days

TEMPE, AZ - After eight days of dealing with little to no air conditioning, residents are overheated at the Sierra Vista apartment complex near Hardy and University in Tempe.

"They keep promising it's going to be fixed but it never is fixed." said Anthony Valenti.

Valenti and his parents told ABC15 the complex's main air conditioning unit broke a week ago, smack in the middle of the Valley's record breaking temperatures.

"You pretty much feel the full effect, you get shade because you're inside but that's about it," Valenti said.

Several days ago managers brought in a temporary chiller, but even that has had problems. 

Managers admit residents have had times where they've had no air during the heat of the day and on the Fourth of July a fuse went out causing the whole temporary system to crash.

"It doesn't make it any better because it's really loud, neighbors can't sleep and it's not pushing out air that much. It's not working to how we expect it to work," Valenti explained as he showed us the oversized chiller.

He and his mother, Holly Moore, said there are times the temperature in their apartment has hit the high 90s.

It's become a big concern for Holly who suffers from health problems.

"It's been bad. I've been having to take a lot of medication," Moore said.

Moore's husband was worried she may get heat stroke and checked her into a hotel earlier this week.

She returned to her apartment Friday only to find out the problems are completely solved.

"One day is too long, especially when you're paying and they don't want to deduct anything, give you a break on rent or anything," Moore said.

We took action and asked the manager, Yvonne Torres, how they plan to compensate renters. She mentioned possibly waiving late fees and reimbursing those who have had to go to hotels, but gave no promises.

We told her renters would like to see a break on their rent, especially since they're paying for air and for several days didn't receive the service they're paying for.

Torres would only tell ABC15 she'd send our request for answers to corporate officials at Norton Real Estate Services and get back to us on Monday.

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