Tempe police boost patrols to deter crime at schools

TEMPE, AZ - If you see more Tempe police patrolling around schools, you might want to slow down, but officers say don't be alarmed.

Starting Monday morning through March 8 the Tempe Police Department is boosting patrols in streets and on the sidewalks around all Tempe elementary, junior high and high schools.

Tempe Police Sgt. Steve Carbajal said the hope is that the increased presence will be intimidating and deter potential criminals.

Carbajal said, "We want to show officers in patrol vehicles, we want to show officers on motorcycles around the school and we want people to know we're not making a secret about what we're doing and that's how we operate at the Tempe Police Department. We're not going to do anything secretive, we're not hiding behind trees of bushes, we're going to be out there, you're going to see us." 

Officers are also pushing their stop and think campaign. They're encouraging not only teachers and students, but neighbors who live nearby schools to call 911 if they see something suspicious.

Carbajal said in light of the Sandy Hook shooting, the department is trying to be proactive to prevent something like that from happening here. They also want schools to have the tools in order to protect them.


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