Tempe man raising money to bring family home from typhoon devastated Phillipines

Eric Durante is a youth pastor at Gethsemane Lutheran church in Tempe. Sunday night, we caught up with him as he rehearsed for a service.  
But while his mind was on the music, it was also on his mom Aida.  She's a victim of the typhoon that hit the Philippines two weeks ago.
"Last I knew of she was living in Manilla," he said. "But she had moved to Tacloban which was where the hardest city was hit."
He didn't know if she or Marissa, the half-sister he's never met, were alive.
Eric's wife set up a fundraiser so he could fly to the country and try and find them. A couple of days ago, he got good news that both survived. But his mom is now living on the streets.
"She's been sleeping in the rain, no cover, she's been struggling for food, boiling water for fresh water," Durante said.
The fundraising money is now being used to help bring her home. As he holds onto his guitar, he holds onto faith.
"In a moment like this all you can do is pray," Durante says. "Things like this are just out of your control."
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