Tempe launches new 911 program, designated to help frequent callers

TEMPE, AZ - Tempe fire has a created a new program that aims to help residents who call for emergency services and at the same time save taxpayers' dollars.  

The program is geared toward residents who frequently call 911.

The program, which started in November 2013, sends a nurse and a paramedic to do house calls for preventative checks on residents who are known to call emergency personnel.

According to the department's website, they found a certain population that crews were interacting with almost on a daily basis through the 911 system.

The program is designed to work proactively with those people before they feel the need to call 911. Some of the health issues identified included hypertension and diabetes.

Officials say that in December patient advocates visited 20 homes, made 26 patient follow-up visits and 10 physician contacts.



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