Tempe fugitive arrested: Police arrested Antonio Julio Sanchez for 2001 assault, kidnapping crimes

TEMPE, AZ - Authorities have finally caught an Arizona fugitive who has been on the run for a decade after being convicted of sexual assault and kidnapping.

U.S. Marshalls and Tempe Police arrested Antonio Julio Sanchez -- who was using the alias Antonio Anderson Erin Pina -- on April 24 in Miami, Fla. after going into hiding in 2002 after he pleaded guilty to sexual assault and kidnapping charges.

Sanchez and his cousin Mazen Diamond admitted to using ketamine to drug a female at a Tempe bar on March 18, 2001, said police. They brought the female victim to their apartment where they sexually assaulted her and videotaped the assault.

The two used ketamine to drug and sexually assault a second female victim on March 23, 2001, according to authorities.

Sanchez and Diamond plead guilty to both assaults in September 2002, but never showed up for their sentencing. The duo took off and began lives as fugitives.

Mazen Diamond has yet to be located and is still in hiding, said police. He is currently being sought in connection to these crimes.

Tempe Police worked with U.S. Marshalls to locate other possible locations where Sanchez could have been hiding, including in Utah and Texas.




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