Tempe changes New Year's Eve party scene

TEMPE, AZ - The nationally known Mill Avenue New Year's Eve party in Tempe is making some changes and some cutbacks.

The biggest difference from previous years is that Mill Avenue will be open to the public, and not gated. It will also be free. This makes the experience more affordable than years past where it took 30 dollars just to be let onto Mill Avenue.

The changes come due to the fact that the city of Tempe ended its partnership with the Fiesta Bowl in co-hosting the New Year's party.

In past years, Tempe would contribute anywhere from $250,000 to $300,000 to the celebration. This year, Tempe is contributing $20,000 for entertainment, and the city services will run approximately $85,000.

Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell hopes the free admittance will bring back the origins of the block party. Mitchell is excited to involve more local businesses that will remain open throughout the night.

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