Surge in ASU students fuel downtown Tempe businesses for growth

TEMPE, AZ - A record number of Arizona State University students are spending enough money to fuel a growing number of businesses near the University.

Officials with Tempe's Downtown Tempe Community organization say there are now 18 businesses that specifically target ASU students.

One of those businesses is Focus Climbing Center. Founder Joe Czerwinski says he originally wanted to locate far north of his current location, but changed his mind after seeing the surge in ASU students.

Since he opened this summer, Czerwinski says he marketed to ASU students by meeting with local clubs, handing out thousands of fliers on campus, and hosting special events.

"We changed our hole marketing strategy and everything we were doing to really go after this demographic. When we made our business plan there was 60,000 plus students, now there are over 70,000. That's allowed us to grow," said Czerwinski .

Recent research by ASU also points to the growing economic impact of its students.

Each year more than 1.8 billion dollars is spent by ASU students and employees.

Czerwinski says that for him, that money means more employees, new clients, and a dream business that is so far doing very well.

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