'Satanic' cross outside Valley home has neighbors talking

TEMPE, AZ - A large nine-foot inverted cross, wrapped in Christmas lights, is causing people in one Valley neighborhood to stop and pause.

One neighbor emailed ABC15 saying her neighbors had put up a "satanic cross" outside of their home near Baseline Road and the 101 freeway. She wasn't sure if the neighbors were trying to be funny or not, but described it as "terrifying."

Three roommates living in the home said the purpose of the decoration is a big misunderstanding; they're throwing a Halloween party and wanted to make their home extra scary.

"It's Halloween so you want to make it as demonic as possible," said roommate Kevin Pierehpour

The neighbors insist they're not celebrating Satanism, or having any type of satanic gathering.

The other decoration grabbing people's attention is a boarded up window with the words "Thrill house, kill house" written in spray paint.

The roommates nicknamed their home the "thrill house" and added the words "kill house" because it's around Halloween. They said they wanted to make their house extra creepy.

Reaction is mixed regarding the decoration: some drivers shrugged it off knowing Halloween is just around the corner; others see it as a bad reflection on the neighborhood.


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