PD: Douglas Ray George arrested after naked female body found in Tempe street

TEMPE, AZ - Police have arrested a man for the murder of a woman whose naked body was found in a Tempe street earlier this month.

According to Tempe police spokesman Michael Pooley, detectives arrested 27-year-old Douglas Ray George for the death of 23-year-old Annovedwin Begay-Barakzai.

Police say Begay-Barakzai was from a Navajo reservation and moved to Tempe to go to college.

A passerby found the victim dead around 4:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 15 on Minton Drive near McClintock Drive and Baseline Road.

The Medical Examiner determined the cause of death to be blunt force trauma.

"She had several cuts on her face, several cuts on her body," Pooley described of the victim.

During the investigation, it was reportedly revealed that George drove Begay-Barakzai to Minton Drive after killing her at another location.

Investigators are painting a picture of a very violent attack, saying George stabbed Begay-Barakzai several times before doling out what was ultimately a deadly blow.

He then placed her body in a dark area of the neighborhood, Pooley said.

"The investigation was made even more complicated due to the fact that she had no identification and was left unclothed," Pooley said.

Police say an old roommate, who lives out of town, recognized Begay-Barakzai and called in the tip.

Pooley said George and Begay-Barakzai lived together near Baseline and Rural roads.

George was also arrested earlier this month for domestic violence involving the victim, Pooley said.

Detectives determined that George was linked to the homicide and is being booked into Tempe City Jail on the charge of second degree murder.

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