Nine law enformcement agencies conducting 'Safe and Sober' campaign in Tempe, ASU doesn't take part

TEMPE, AZ - People who visit Tempe this weekend may see a significant number of officers as nine agencies team up for the "Safe and Sober" campaign.

As the operation moves into its final weekend, it's already proving to have an impact.

According to the Tempe Police Department, the task force has made 486 total arrests including 222 minors who were in the possession of alcohol.

"This is critical, this is to protect our community, our citizens and students who come here with parents who expect them to be safe," said Tempe Police Sergeant Michael Pooley.

More than 900 people received citations for various violations according to Pooley.

"We really didn't know what to expect, we knew we were going to have high numbers," said Pooley while standing along Mill Avenue Wednesday afternoon.

While nine agencies across the Valley are taking part in the operation, Arizona State University is not.

Earlier this year, some ASU students were at the center of several high-profile off-campus investigations that included fights, gunshots and in one case a drunken student dropped off at a hospital.

The operation involves areas around ASU.

In a statement to ABC15, ASU Assistant Police Chief Jim Hardina acknowledged the University was not involved in the particular campaign saying, (ASU) officers have been placed in the residential halls on campus to address alcohol and other issues on all four ASU campuses. Hardina added they (ASU) don't have the number of officers as the agencies involved to be able to do everything.

Pooley told ABC15 there will be undercover officers placed throughout the area looking for more liquor violations.

"We want them to have a good time, we want them to go to school, but we want them to be responsible," said Pooley. "If you're going to come to Tempe you better be responsible and if not, you're going to get a ticket or go to jail."

This is the first time the nine agencies have taken part in the operation, which ends Sunday morning.


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