I-10 crash: Fiery accident caught on tape

TEMPE, AZ - The aftermath of an explosive crash on Interstate 10 was captured by a husband and wife nearly involved in the deadly accident.

One person was killed in the accident that shut down a section I-10 in Tempe in both directions during Thursday morning's rush hour.

Mitch and Kathy Scherb told ABC15 the semi-truck that caused the accident was probably traveling down the road at more than 80 miles-per-hour when it lost control and crashed through the concrete barrier that divides the north and southbound lanes.

The couple felt the impact and explosion of the crash. They said it was like a grenade went off in their car.

Department of Public Safety officials said the driver of the semi-truck was killed in the accident.

One of Mitch's co-workers was in one of the vehicles involved in the accident and was nearly killed when the massive truck exploded through the concrete barrier towards his car.

"The truck came and nailed the wall, and all he had time to do was close his eyes and grab the steering wheel," Mitch said. "[My co-worker] went right through all of the debris. He said the car was covered in fuel. The front of it caught on fire and melted the front bumper off. It's amazing more people weren't injured and more damage to the vehicles wasn't done, because of the amount of debris, it was all the way across the freeway and they were big, really big pieces of the truck."

Mitch says his co-worker considers himself very lucky. His brand new car was totaled, but he didn't even suffer a scratch.

Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the crash.

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