Dating website claims 68 percent of ASU students want sugar daddy

TEMPE, AZ - An increasing number of ASU college students are turning to "sugar daddies" to pay for college, according a dating website.

"Seeking Arrangements" is a website that pairs older wealthy men (sugar daddies) with young women (sugar babies), for money.

The company conducted a poll among 900 ASU students to find out why students could use a sugar daddy and 68 percent responded they could use one "to help pay their tuition, housing or textbook fees."

According to the company, nearly 400 ASU students are registered as sugar babies on its website, that's an increase from 318 in January 2013.

Seeking Arrangements says ASU ranks 6th on its list of top sugar baby schools in 2012.

Approximately 900 students participated and 68 percent of female students agreed that they could use a sugar daddy to help pay their way through college.

"The cost of tuition is rising at a faster rate than the median family income," says Brandon Wade, Founder and CEO of Seeking Arrangements.

"This alone makes it harder for families to keep up with the cost of higher education, leaving students in charge of their financial futures ... Why bury yourself in loans that accrue interest if you don't have to?"

Seeking Arrangements has over two million members. The company says 44 percent of its registered sugar babies are college students.

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