Dad claims Facebook post got son kicked off youth football team

TEMPE, AZ - Tempe resident Scott Kelly says that after his son had played for a local youth football team for months, the team added new players to the team just in time for the league's playoffs.

"On Saturday, a boy came up I had never seen before," said Kelly, "He put on a jersey and started at quarterback."

The move meant little to no playing time for his son. On Sunday, Kelly posted a question on his personal Facebook page asking if it was fair for coaches to put in new players, he referred to them as "ringers," right before the playoffs.

The head coach found out about the post and a couple of days later, Kelly's son was kicked off of the team.

"My son got some tears in his eyes and basically said ‘Dad, thank you for sticking up for me,'" said Kelly.

But James Vieth, the president of the National Youth Sports league that oversees Kelly's son's team, said the new players were registered before the fourth game of the season at the end of October, which means they are eligible to play at any time during the season.

"Numerous teams. I'd say 80 percent of the teams, are adding players up until that fourth game," said Vieth.

The head coach of the team blames Kelly for his son's dismissal, citing previous incidents of Kelly questioning coaches on the sidelines during games and practices.

"I made a couple of comments, sure I was frustrated," said Kelly.

And despite his son being kicked off the team in the middle of the playoffs, he has no regrets.

"When I put out the post, I didn't make a mention of the team, the league, or any individuals. I simply posed a question," said Kelly.

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