Conclave to elect new pope: Tempe priest heading to Rome for conclave

TEMPE, AZ - A Tempe priest is heading to Rome to witness a piece of history as the conclave to elect a new pope is set to get underway.

Father John Muir, who is the assistant director of the Catholic Newman Center at Arizona State University, is leaving Saturday night and will be there for a few days.

"As a Catholic and a priest, I couldn't pass up the opportunity," he said. "I'm going to go and experience it as a pilgrim and then I'm going to blog and upload pictures and photos and try to connect everyone in Arizona with the experience."

Muir will be there through Wednesday and can only hope that a new pope will be chosen during his stay.

He said the new pope will likely be someone who can unite people of all faiths and beliefs.

"What the church really needs now is a pope who is going to be just what his title is, the Vicar of Christ," Muir said. "I like to say he is the perfect liberal and the perfect conservative all at the same time."

The conclave to elect the new pope begins Tuesday.

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