Class on hold for Tempe resident during bus strike

TEMPE, AZ - One Tempe resident is forced to skip cosmetology classes in Phoenix due to the bus strike and the closest active bus stop is not within walking distance.

"I just found out when I left this morning and then I wake up to this. It's crazy!"

Tempe resident Jay Griffin wasn't exactly pleased to hear the bus routes in his area were shut down due to a bus driver strike. But the situation is two-fold for the Tempe resident.

"When I drove the city bus, I've done the 16, the 19, 35, the 27, you know," Griffin said.

His experience as a bus driver helps him understand where the bus drivers are coming from.

"Drivers need their correct pay and benefits because this is a job you really get stressed out," Griffin said.

But now he's in the passenger seat, left to figure out how he's going to attend his cosmetology classes in Phoenix. Unfortunately, he'll have to miss today's session since the closest active bus is too far.

"I'm not walking to 16th Street, so I'm going to be home until the strike is over," Griffin said. "I just feel bad for the people who will lose their jobs if they have one more absence."

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