Breezing portable metabolism tracker app created at ASU

TEMPE, AZ - Students and professors at Arizona State University have come up with a high tech-tool to help Americans beat the battle of the bulge.

It's called the Breezing portable metabolism tracker and it's a device and phone app that work together to measure your metabolism.

"We can be much healthier when we know our metabolism and how much it influences our health," said Dr. Erica Forzani, Assistant Professor at ASU's Biotech Center.

Here is how it works. You breathe into the device with your phone nearby. It picks up information from your oxygen wirelessly, and then tells you how many calories your body burns on an average day.

"We thought calling it "Breezing" was cool and it will help people maintain and lose weight as simply as possible," said Dr. N.J. Tao, Director at ASU's Biotech Center. 

The app is free. The device can be pre-ordered now for $200. The professors said that is much cheaper than getting the test done by a doctor.

Go to the "Breezing" website to learn more about the portable metabolism tracker, and how you can get one.

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