Beagle involved in hit-and-run accident recovering at the Arizona Humane Society

TEMPE, AZ - The Arizona Humane Society is searching for the family of an older beagle involved in a hit-and-run incident in Tempe.

According to Ashleigh Goebel from the AHS, the 8-year-old female dog was hit by a white pickup truck at South Hardy Drive and West Southern Avenue on Tuesday.

The beagle was taken to AHS' Second Chance Animal Hospital with a broken right hind leg as well as road rash and bruising on her belly.

While she is on stray-hold for three days, the AHS will look through lost-pet websites because she does not have a collar or microchip.

If no owners are found, AHS hopes the older dog will recover so they can put her up for adoption or send her to one of the Humane Society's rescue partners.

Goebel says animals hit by cars are taken to the shelter everyday, but they do not have as severe of injuries as this beagle did.

According to the Arizona State Legislature website, there is no specific Arizona law regarding hitting a dog with your vehicle.

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