ASU Sun Devil football fans battle record temperatures


ASU fans were reminded why they're called the Sun Devils Thursday night. Tailgaters warmed up for the home opener in record-breaking temperatures.

In the tailgate areas you could find fans with the essentials like hats, sunglasses and coolers packed full of water bottles and cold drinks.

One group had the right idea to keep cool.

Robert Scheib added misters to his tent. He said it was his father's idea. "He's old, doesn't want to deal with the sun, he wants to be cool."

The misters drew a lot of attention from passing fans, many stopped to talk just long enough to enjoy the breeze.

Paul Benner wants to look cool while he keeps cool so he converted an ambulance into a tailgate mobile.

"We don't have the IV hooked up today, although with the heat we might have to," he joked.

The sirens and lights work and Paul made sure they're legal. He also outfitted the back so people can take a seat and enjoy the air conditioning.



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