ASU student, Mona Dixon, a finalist for 'Glamour' magazine's list of top undergrads

TEMPE, AZ - An Arizona State University student is getting the attention of "Glamour" magazine.

Mona Dixon, 20, a business management student, could be the " Reader's Choice' for the 2013 list of Top Ten College Women."

The list includes women who inspire and motivate. The magazine has been honoring the top undergrads in the country for the past 55 years.

"As a kid, she remembers crawling behind dumpsters to find cardboard boxes to sleep on," the magazine states in its online edition.

Dixon is currently studying to be a logistics professor, according to the website.

"I knew if I didn't volunteer, or get the grades, or do things that would get me money for scholarships, then I'd probably end up in the same situation that our mom was in with us," Dixon told "Glamour."

Voters will decide on the magazine's website if Dixon will become the ‘Reader's Choice' winner.

Voting ends on January 28.

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