ASU graduate Randy Sanders get his diploma 42 years late

TEMPE, AZ - ASU's class of 2013 will get their diplomas this week in Tempe and at least one of the graduates will be a little older than the rest.

Randy Sanders first enrolled at ASU in 1971, but serious issues kept him from finishing.

"It will be great," said Randy. It's been a long push."

First he had eye problems that wouldn't allow him to focus on the teacher or chalkboard. He also had bad knees that made it hard to walk. And he even had a heart attack on top of A Mountain. "It was stress. I was face down up there for I don't know how long."

Since then, Randy has made it through a stint of homelessness and no money.

Then finally he met a woman, cleaned up his act and had a son.

Then years later decided it was time to go back for his degree.

And 42 years later, Randy will get his degree after majoring in Russian.

He speaks several other languages too including Mandarin, Albanian and even a little Najavo and hopes to teach English overseas.

"I just want to get a professional job and do something," said Randy.

He is also proof that you are never too old to reach your dreams.

And that's true in any language.

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