911 calls released from Walmart DUI crash

TEMPE, AZ - Emergency dispatchers heard from a lot of shocked people the night police said a drunk driver mowed down a pedestrian in a Walmart parking lot.

It happened at around 9:30 p.m. on January 17.

"Some lady came in driving and smashed through a bunch of cars and hit somebody in the parking lot," said one caller.

The surveillance video is pretty unbelievable. 

You see the white car come barreling through the parking lot. It slams into a couple of parked cars and then hits the unsuspecting shopper as she tries to leave the store. 

ABC15 chose not to share the video with you until we knew the woman was going to be OK. Remarkably, she suffered just a broken leg and some bumps and bruises.

"Will you ask her if she's been drinking or doing drugs," the dispatcher asked one caller about the driver.

The driver was 31-year-old Christy Kupper. She told investigators she had a few beers, but they found more than three times the legal limit in her system. Kupper also said she didn't remember driving through the parking lot.

She's charged with aggravated assault, super extreme DUI and hit and run.

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