50-year-old wedding ring lost, then returned to owner

QUEEN CREEK, AZ - A heartwarming story from an unusual spot, the Fry's Grocery Store in Queen Creek.

Connie, a grandmother who recently moved to Arizona, was shopping on Wednesday and when she made it to the end of her shopping trip; she realized her 50-year-old wedding ring was missing.

It was a very special ring. It had diamonds on it from her late husband's wedding ring, and from her late mother's wedding ring, dating back 100 years. The ring is estimated to be around $50,000.

"Needless to say I thought it was gone," said Connie. "I got home, took out the groceries and started to cry."

But as fate would have it, another woman was walking through the produce section soon after Connie. Just below the broccoli, Cheryl Hopton stepped on something that didn't seem quite right. A diamond ring.

"I moved my foot and saw this beautiful ring," said Cheryl who usually doesn't shop at that Fry's location. "I was just drawn in there; I still think it was the angels that did it."

Turns out Cheryl is the angel. She returned the ring to the store manager about the same time Connie's son was in the store looking for it.

The two ladies met on Thursday at Connie's home.

"People asked me why I returned it," said Cheryl. "I just couldn't keep something that wasn't mine."

Connie said "I'm so blessed that there is such a wonderful woman like Cheryl."

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