Valley families still plan to volunteer in Rocky Point despite violence

MESA, AZ - Despite the deadly shooting in Rocky Point, Mexico, hundreds of volunteers have vowed to go through with plans to build homes for the less fortunate this Christmas in the small tourist town.

The Brown family in Mesa did not let the news of the violence change their minds.

"When we wake up in the morning we assume risk," said Leah Brown, who is heading to Mexico to volunteer with her husband and five children. "To live our lives in fear is not really living."

The Browns will be driving down from Arizona with a non-profit group called Families Helping Families, who has built houses in Rocky Point for ten years.

"It will be a Christmas that our children will remember and reminisce about for years to come," said Leah.

Ralph Pew is the President of Families Helping Families, and also owns condos where the shooting occurred.

"We're saddened by it, but it does not deter us from what needs to be done," said Pew. "Those risks exist wherever we live."

Pew says so far the deadly shooting has not scared any volunteers away.

"We see a bigger vision and a bigger effort to help others than today's incident."

"I believe in the goodness of people, and you just have to believe in that," said Leah. "That's what life is about, and that's what makes life meaningful. I don't know if I can remember one gift that I got for Christmas growing up, but this will be something they'll remember forever."

Families Helping Families has been building homes in Rocky Point for ten years. If you'd like to help their cause, log onto their website.

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