Toddler among three honored by Mesa Fire Department

MESA, AZ - Three Mesa residents were honored Thursday by the fire department and hailed as heroes, each one credited with potentially saving the life of another.

He's not old enough to be in school, he can't write his own name without help, and he doesn't even know how to read. But that didn't stop Guy Fritzche, 3, from calling for help when his mom ended up on the floor.

Dispatcher: "What's going on with your mom?" 

Guy: "My mom is not feeling better."

Dispatcher: "Your mom's not feeling better?"

Guy: "No."

Even with a speech impairment, the toddler remains calm while talking with a 911 dispatcher.

Guy: "My mom's whole body is wiggling."

That's because earlier this month, on a Friday night in Mesa, his mom Katie was having a seizure. Her first in seven years. 

"My first thought," she says, "was terror because I thought, 'ugh! I would never want him to see that.' They're scary to see, they're scary to hear, it's a frightening experience for an adult."

But Guy was brave. No one else was home and dad was working, so he did what he was taught during an emergency. He called 911.

Guy: "My mom is not feeling good today."

"I've only had to call 911 maybe once in my life," said Katie. "It never would have occurred to me that he would need to do that."

And because of his actions, firefighters said ‘thank you,' giving him a little fire truck, a red hat, a plaque and even a tour of one of their trucks. Mom says she couldn't be more proud.  

"He was a hero you know for a little 3-year-old guy that was able to take a very scary situation and do the right thing," Katie said.

Katie says they taught Guy how to call 911 after he accidently drank peroxide thinking it was soda. He thought it was cool that firefighters came to take care of him, so that's when they had the talk about calling 911 during an emergency.

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