Tempe dispensary reaches out to disabled Mesa boy seeking medical marijuana

MESA, AZ - It's been a busy 48 hours for Jennifer, Jacob and Zander Welton.

"It's kind of crazy how many people wanted to get ahold of Zander's story," said Jennifer.

ABC15 first told you about the 5-year-old with cortical dysplasia on Tuesday.

The genetic brain defect causes Zander to have seizures. Some are so severe, he forgets to breathe. Each one takes a severe toll.

"He'll go from walking around okay to crawling and we have to build him back up,' said Jennifer.

Brain surgeries and meds haven't worked. Desperate for a cure, or at least some relief, the Weltons are turning to cannabis.

Dr. Elaine Burns of Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation center is one of two doctors who have signed off on Zander's treatment and will also be monitoring his progress and helping guide his dosages.

"Mom and dad will get to know who Zander is. And if that's what this medication can do for them, I'm all for giving it a try," says Burns.

The biggest hurdle now is money.

Jacob is a stay-at-home dad for their three sons. Jennifer is the breadwinner. The cost of Zander's medication, an expected $300 a week, will all be out-of-pocket.

After seeing Zander's story, Harvest of Tempe offered to provide all the cannabis oil Zander will need to ease his suffering.

It will supply Zander's dad Jacob who is now a legal medical marijuana caregiver and Jacob will then administer the CBD oil drops to his son twice a day.

"We exist in order to try and help people. To the extent we're able to do that, we're honored," said Steven White, with Harvest of Tempe.

"It's so nice to see how many people are willing to step out and help, all you need to do is ask for it," says Jennifer.

The family has set up a Facebook page called Zander Welton's Journey. People can go there to donate.

Even though the dispensary offered to supply the CBD oil free of charge, the Weltons still want to help cover the production costs.

Money raised will also help pay for Zander's visits to Dr. Burns which aren't covered by insurance either.


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