Teen breaks elbow after being hit by driver, dad now looking for good Samaritan who stopped to help

A Mesa father is trying to track down the good Samaritan who helped his son after he was injured by a hit and run driver.
Mark Ayers says his 13-year-old son, Wesley, was on his way to school on September 26 when an older woman in a white SUV hit him at the intersection of Signal Butte and Guadalupe roads.  
The teen said he pushed the crossing signal and it was flashing for him to cross. The accident left him with a broken elbow and three pins to keep it in place.  
The woman did not stop, but a driver behind her did. The good Samaritan called police and waited with Wesley until paramedics got to the scene. Wesley's father, is now trying to track him down.
"You always hope that someone will stop," he says. "You always hope that someone will help when you're not there and the fact that this fellow did just warms my heart,"  he says.
Mark says if he had the chance to meet him, he would shake his hand, give him a hug, and thank him for helping his son.
If you happened to witness the accident, or know who the good Samaritan might be, you're asked to email Mark at sparkayers@cox.net.
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