Syria: Local military group responds to Syria crisis

MESA, AZ - Local veterans are responding to the potential U.S. involvement in Syria.

Army veteran Carl Brueckman runs the East Valley Military Support Group. Each month, he and volunteers send care packages to service members all over the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan.

However, Brueckman hopes Syria won't be on that list.

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"It's a terrible thing to go after people who can't protect themselves and to use these horrible weapons," said Brueckman. "I don't think we should get involved as far as putting foot soldiers on the ground."

Brueckman doesn't think President Obama would put soldiers on the ground. However, he is worried that any U.S. involvement, without a definitive plan, could backfire.       

"In Iraq and Afghanistan, we didn't really have an exit strategy. We didn't know how long were we going to be there for," Brueckman said.

Even though Brueckman doesn't know what the future holds, he does know that no matter where U.S. troops are stationed, his care packages will go out.

Brueckman says his organization is in need of donations. If you would like to donate call 480-695-5566

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