Slim down, get heart healthy at Orangetheory Fitness

At Orangetheory Fitness in Mesa you will experience sweat, loud music, and something you may not find at any other gym -- a heart-rate based system. 

Every participant in the class wears a heart monitor to help measure their workout.

The premise is to bring your heart rate up and bring it down -- the more peaks and valleys created over a 60-minute workout, the better.

This allows more calories to be burned not only during the class, but over the span of the next 24 to 36 hours.

Each participant can keep a close eye on just how hard they are pushing themselves by looking up at one of the several monitors located around the gym.  There you will find information under your name, including: how many calories you've burned, your heart rate percentage, and which heart rate zone you are in currently.

There are five different heart rate zones, and Orangetheory specializes in maintaining a certain percentage of your workout in each of those five zones.

For Angela Hahn, these are more than just numbers on a screen. The mother of three is focused on maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Angela's father, Donald Wendt, was diagnosed in April of this year with coronary artery disease. The disease has left Don's heart working at only 30 percent.  Due to his leukemia, it is medically impossible to have the necessary quadruple-bypass surgery.

Angela is currently caring for her father in the Intensive Care Unit. She has recently returned to attend Orangetheory classes in order to keep herself healthy during this tough time.

"That definitely is a motivation to be heart healthy now and be there in the future for my children and grandchildren," said Don.

Rally for Red is our community movement that starts the 15th of every month! With heart-healthy monthly reminders, ABC15 is determined to let viewers know that they can do their part to prevent heart disease with simple steps, like healthy eating and exercise.

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