'Ride of Silence' honors cyclists killed and promotes safety

MESA, AZ - It was nearly five years ago when Kim Saks lost her husband Brett in a tragic bicycling accident on State Route 87 near Coolidge.

Saks was hit from behind in October of 2008.  

"It took us a while to understand, it was broad daylight and good road conditions," Kim Saks said. "You don't realize the danger until it happens to you."

Saks is the push behind the Valley's Annual Ride of Silence that begins at 7 p.m. Wednesday evening. Riders will  start at Mesa's Mountain View Park and travel through Gilbert for an hour and a half ride.

The ride is actually part of a worldwide event where similar rides are taking place at the same time.

It is estimated hundreds of riders are killed nationally each year and several more are injured from getting hit.

"People don't understand some of the laws," Saks said. "You are so vulnerable out there and if a driver isn't paying attention it could cost someone their life."

Saks created a foundation to help educate drivers and cyclists on safety.  

A "ghost bike" now sits at the spot where Brett Saks was killed. Those white bikes are part of a nationwide campaign to honor those who have been killed while enjoying a favorite past time.




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