PD: Matthew Andersen arrested after threatening to kill his neighbor

MESA, AZ - A Mesa man was arrested after authorities say he threatened to kill his neighbor and police.

When officers arrested 30-year-old Matthew Andersen, they said he had red war paint on his face. Police also said blood was found on his hands and clothes.

Andersen was arrested Sunday night at his home near University Drive and Alma School Road after neighbors called 911, worried about what he might do.

"He was saying a name and threatening to kill someone," said his neighbor Elizabeth Garcia.

According to police, those threats were made towards Julio Mendoza, Andersen's next door neighbor.

"He was shouting through my wall with consecutive banging and the use of my name," said Mendoza.

While Mendoza wouldn't go into detail, the death threats made and racial slurs used were all recorded and handed over to police.

"It was anxiety and fear. It was fight or flight at that point, and my priority was to ensure my wife's safety," said Mendoza.

Police spent all day Monday searching Andersen's home. They said they found a half a dozen guns and ammunition inside.

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