PD: Brendon Zachary, of Mesa, hid spy cam in home to watch young girls undress

MESA, AZ - According to a police report, a Mesa man set up cameras in his own home to watch young girls undress, and it was the man's own wife who turned him in.

The report says she found a spy camera in her husband's nightstand with a blank SD card inside, disguised as a motion sensor.

Then she started finding more SD cards that were not blank.

What she saw led her straight to the Mesa Police Department where she turned in her own husband.

Police arrested 44-year-old Brendon Zachary this week after finding a network of spy cameras hidden inside his home.

Screw size holes in the walls, the bathroom, even in an Xbox game, where he's accused of recording his daughters' 11-year-old friend undressing and showering.

And there is more. On his computer, police say they found a video montage of the 11-year-old edited together with hundreds of other child porn pictures.

According to the police report, Zachary admits doing something he knew was wrong, and calls himself a monster for doing it.

Protective fathers who also live in Zachary's neighborhood near the US 60 and Val Vista Drive would have to agree.

With thousands of pieces of evidence against him, provided by his wife, police charged Zachary with sexual exploitation of a minor.

And say he is proof, even in a nice neighborhood, you never really know what's happening in the home next door.

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