Paddleboard shop open in Mesa, only paddleboard specific store in Arizona

MESA, AZ - Court Fetter and his wife Heather came up with the idea one night during dinner. Court would quit his day job and together the couple would turn the family hobby into the family business.

"We were just sitting at dinner and had maybe a few too many libations and just wrote everything down on a napkin. Then we figured why not, let's open up a retail location. We've spent money in more stupid ways so let's try it," said Fetter.

No Snow Paddleboards was born and right now the Fetters say it's the only paddleboard specific store in the state of Arizona.

Located in Mesa near Power Road and Thomas, the store sells boards and paddles for Paddleboarding, but the Fetter's say their biggest challenge is selling water in the middle of the dessert.

"It's not really an activity that comes off the top of your head when you think of Arizona, but we actually have a lot of lakes close to Phoenix that are great for Paddleboarding," said Fetter.

Right now the Fetters say No Snow Paddleboards is selling on average about one or two of the 1,000 plus boards a week to new Paddleboarders.
Paddleboarding is similar to surfing except while Paddleboarding the Paddleboarder stands on top of the board and maneuvers around on the water with the use of a special paddle.

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