Monsterland, Mesa's popular monster-themed restaurant, back from the dead?

MESA, AZ - Rumor has it, Monsterland, the monster-movie-themed restaurant/night club in downtown Mesa, is coming back from the dead.

The restaurant and bar that shut down in January due to financial problems may be getting a second chance.

An employee wrote on the venue's Facebook page:

"My friend Marco Regalado, the owner of Pop Culture Paradise in Tempe, Arizona has risen to the challenge to reopen Monsterland on August 24, 2013!!! Just like zombies rise from their graves so too will this unique bar and grill be resurrected."

According to the Mouth by Southwest website, owner Kevin Wynn says the restaurant and bar will serve mostly as an event space, at least for the time being.

Wynn also said he has no plans to re-open the kitchen or bar on a regular basis while light-rail construction is clogging up downtown Mesa. And that work isn't expected to be finished until late 2015 or early 2016.

Restaurant officials encourage anyone wanting to attend their "Resurrection Party" August 24 to visit their Facebook page for details.

See video of the announcement in the video player below:

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