Mindy Stephenson, who ran Boston Marathon, plans on running in Pat's Run

MESA, AZ - A Queen Creek woman who ran in the Boston Marathon is undergoing physical therapy so she can compete in Pat's Run this weekend, as well as another marathon next month.

"I've always wanted to do the Pat Tillman run," said Mindy Stephenson.

Stephenson had completed the Boston Marathon minutes before the explosion.

"We all thought it was a celebratory explosion," she told her physical therapist at Endurance Rehab in Mesa on Thursday evening. "The second one went off and we were still in line."

Stephenson originally thought the 2013 Boston Marathon would be her last marathon, but changed her mind before she returned back to Arizona.

"I want to do it for all the people who were injured," she told ABC15, "But I also want to do it for myself."

Stephenson is hoping to qualify for the 2014 Boston Marathon next month in California.

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